Good news! Our new music learning partner named Chords Trainer is available now. Check it out from App Store to see how it can help us learn the chords!

10 thoughts on “Chords Trainer!

  1. Great app, exactly for my learning purpose!
    thank you very much!
    one main request though- or did i miss something?

    when in practise mode and i have chosen the wrong chord, i would love to see what the correct chord is!
    Any chance for this?
    A manual would be very helpful or a kind of video tutorial.
    So when i push the sad smiley just a blue flickering occurs!
    what is this supposed to mean?

    thanks again and all the best

  2. Thank you for your feedback, and I’m so glad that this app is helping your music learning! 🙂

    In practise mode, if you submitted the wrong answer, you are supposed to see the correct chords shown in green in the answer area. In the mean time, there should be a green progress animation moving around the sad smiley to indicate the countdown of the correct answer. During the animation, you can tap the sad smiley to adjust the speed of the animation, and this is the way to adjust the duration of correct answer showing. Actually, this feature is reminded in the app when the progress of the animation is about 50% at first time unless the user has already found it out by himself.

    The blue flickering is supposed to occure only when you tap the summit button but there is any chord notes input in the answer area, so its purpose is to remind the user to input something (at least one note or chord symbol) before they tap the submit button.

    The new version 1.1 has just been released. If you haven’t noticed that, could you please upgrade it first and let me know if it works as mentioned above? We will definitely make it work, because I think this is a must-have feature that can help the user a lot.

    Yes, a video tutorial will be be recorded and published to this website later, and you will be keep posted.

    All the best!

  3. I think I figure out why you didn’t see the correct answer now. 🙂

    You must have been using the “next” button with a right arrow icon to submit your answer. Actually, that button is to got to next question as quick as possible. Yes, it will check your answer if you did answer, but it won’t correct you if you answered wrongly. Also, this button can terminate the correct answer animation if it’s showing to go to next question directly.

    To see the correct answer, you should use the submit button in the middle with a top arrow icon to submit your answer.

    Please let me know if this fixed your problem. Thanks!

    1. But it may be better to show the correct chord too if the wrong chord was submitted by the “next” button, and the “next” button can be clicked again to end current correct chord showing if necessary. I’ll change it in next version along with some other improvements. I’ll keep you posted about the new version.


  4. I am somewhat a beginner and the app really needs something to guide beginners. There is no explanation what so ever. You just have to push and guess at what’s going to happen. Do you have some guidance somewhere? A YouTube instructional tutorial would be great. I really can’t take advantage of the apps learning potential because I do know where or how to start. I need help.

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thank your for your purchase and feedback. Unfortunately, for now we don’t have a manual or tutorial available. We tried to make it as intuitive as possible so that the users don’t even need the manual, but maybe you are right, for beginners, it may be better to have a manual or tutorial to start. We will add it later. Before that, please try all the features in the app, especially using the Settings to filter the chords so that you can start from the easy ones. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.

  5. Je viens d’acheter le formateur d’accords et je trouve l’application très utiles et facile d’utilisation mais le rêve serait d’avoir une connection midi pour pour taper l’accord sur mon clavier.