Do you want to be capable of recognizing the key signatures at first sight? That is, when you see a key signature, you know what key it is and what notes should be sharp or flat immediately. Do you want to have the ability of instantly identifying the scale layout on a piano/keyboard for a given key? If your answer is yes, check out this app. It can help you acquire these skills which can definitely benefit your music learning and piano playing.

Main Features:

• Practice Mode
You learn at your own pace simply by answering the question, and if you are wrong, the correct answer will be shown for the duration of your choice.

• View Mode
You don’t need to do anything but watching, the questions and answers will be shown automatically after the delay of your choice. Good for lazy people like me.

• Game Mode
In this exciting countdown mode, you can challenge yourself and earn as many coins, medals, and trophies as you can.

• Search Mode
This mode allows you to look up the keys by name, key signature or keyboard.

• Learning Range Customization
You can customize your learning range sot that you can focus on improving your weaknesses.

• Intelligent Training
Each question is generated intelligently based on the statistical information of your performance so that it can turn your weaknesses into strengths.