This app is to train and develop your ability to read and perform musical rhythms accurately. You can practice almost all the rhythm patterns you may encounter, no matter what level of your music skills are. These countless patterns are arranged in increasing difficulty levels. Simply follow the animation and metronome to tap, and you will see how well you are playing in real-time. Make good use of this app, you can definitely improve your ability of sight-reading and rhythmic recognition.

• thousands of rhythm patterns to explore
• 26 types of time signature and 8 difficulty levels for each
• allow adjusting the speed to be at your comfortable pace and conquer difficult patterns
• intuitive real-time response to show how well you play for each note
• “Look ahead” mode makes your eyes always ahead of your hands
• various instruments to select just in case you get bored with any of them
• Challenge “Both Hands” mode if you play two-hand instruments such as piano